High Risk Licence -  Drive a Multi-Combination Vehicle
TLILIC3018 - Licence to drive a multi-combination vehicle
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This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to obtain a licence to drive a multi-combination vehicle. It includes systematically and efficiently controlling all vehicle functions, monitoring traffic and road conditions, managing vehicle condition and performance, coupling and uncoupling dollies, and effectively managing hazardous situations.

Types of multi-combination vehicles include:

- a heavy combination B-double rated vehicle at least 22 metres in length with more than one trailer, which has all pertinent documentation permits etc. or
- a three axle prime mover with an A and B trailer each with bogie axles.
This unit applies to driving that is carried out in accordance with relevant state/territory driver licensing authority licence requirements and regulations for multi-combination vehicles.

Driving is performed with limited or minimum supervision, and with limited accountability and responsibility for self and others in achieving the prescribed outcomes.
entry requirements - no entry requirements
Total number of hours: 60
required study
Certificate 3 Guarantee
Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ)
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