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RTO 32381
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Hydraulic Excavator Operations
Elevated Work Platform (EWP)
Grader Operations
Haul Truck
Civil Construction Grader Operations
RIIGOV201D - Comply with site work processes/procedures
RIICOM201D - Communicate in the workplace
RIIERR205D - Apply initial response First Aid
RIIRIS301D - Apply risk management processes
RIIWHS301D - Conduct safety and health investigations
Traffic Operations
Traffic Control Course
Traffic Management Implementation Course
RIIRIS201D - Conduct local risk control
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RIICOM301D - Communicate Information
RIIRIS402D - Carry out the risk management process
Civil Construction Wheeled Front End Loader
Wheel Loader
Tractor Operations
Skid Steer Loader
Rope Shovel Operations
Conduct Roller Operations
Fall Trees Manually (Basic)
Maintain Chainsaws
Cut with a Hand Held Chainsaw
Trim & Cut Felled Trees
Fall Trees Manually (Intermediate)
Fall Trees Manually (Advanced)
Emergency Rescue
Perform rescue from a live LV panel
Escape hazardous situations unaided
Operate Breathing Apparatus
Gas test atmospheres
First Attack Fire Fighting
Participate in a rescue operation
Undertake vertical rescue
First Aid
Perform CPR
Provide First Aid
Defensive Driving
Heavy Combination Vehicle
Heavy Rigid Vehicle
Light Vehicle
Medium Vehicle
Multi Combination Vehicle
Conduct Coal Stockpile Dozer Operations
Conduct Tracked Dozer Operations
Conduct Wheeled Dozer Operations
Civil Construction Excavator Operations
Operate Roller/Compactor
Conduct Articulated Haul Truck Operations
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